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Need a webcam for GradeCam? Plato GreatSchools.net
Data and Assessment Management System (DnA)

With Illuminate DnA, teachers have the freedom to view assessment data and demographic information about their own students, on their own terms. A login account is needed.  Contact Marlene Kline for an account to use at the Illuminate DnA login screen.

Copies of HBUHSD data are housed on a third party server and accessible by classroom teachers and school and district officials. Student demographic and schedule information is refreshed periodically from HBUHSD databases. Some functions of the GradeCam product are embedded in Illuminate Dna.  Need a webcam for GradeCam? 
GradeCam Implementation Document from illuminateED

Do not bookmark this site; use the links provided on the portal pages.  Those links have been designed by the vendor to transport you to the proper server and it changes frequently.

Training is available at the school site or district office. Call or email Marlene Kline at 903-7000 ext. 4450 to arrange the day and time.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium has been formed to implement this new assessment scheduled for 2014-15.   During the Spring of 2012, we have to determine our readiness for our 11th graders to participate in the online portion of that assessment. 
Plato Learning Environment 2.0
(PLE 2.0)
Feb. 2010:  This new version of Plato is web based and hosted outside the district at Plato facilities.  Support can be reached at  (800) 869-2200.  HBUHSD's support ID is 4648231100.  On Feb. 25, 2010, Information Services loaded all students in the district  into the Plato user file as "Learners". They will refresh the learner user file quarterly.  Please review the Implementation Notes.  If Plato support can't answer your questions, please contact Connie Mayhugh at 903-7000 ext. 4420.

Login Screen    Plato Support  System Requirements  Data Sheet  Implementation Notes   Batch Enroll Process

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California's Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999
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