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In 2007, HBUHSD purchased Connect-ED which was later acquired by another company and renamed Blackboard Connect.

What's new...

7/2/2012:  User accounts deleted due to admin changes. Principals can call I.S. at #52 to request additional accounts.

11/28/2011: Incoming students for 2011-12 are included in the contacts.  WARNING: Incoming Students

6/1/2011: Connect For Teachers is available for a nominal upgrade of around 30 cents per student per year.

This web page will be used for sharing information within the district about the usage of the Blackboard Connect auto-calling service.

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Incoming Students

Parent FAQs

What is Blackboard Connect?

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User FAQs

Current guidelines...


Click here for the HBUHSD Protocol and Script Guide.

We are currently using the Blackboard Connect system for community outreach and emergency calls. Attendance calls are still being placed by the legacy PhoneMaster system until the migration to Blackboard Connect is complete. We not not make use of the texting or email options.

Data download status...



added 9/28/2009 >>>>>>>
Funded/Unfunded Students:


Staff phone numbers and the primary home phone numbers for all active and incoming students (next year's students) are loaded into the Blackboard Connect database every evening.  Student emergency numbers and secondary contacts * are also being loaded into Blackboard Connect nightly.  These numbers come from the SB2000 student information system and from the district's personnel file.  Changes to those systems will be reflected in the Blackboard Connect databases within 24 hours. Warning: Contact information entered manually into Blackboard Connect databases will be erased each evening when contacts are updated with SB2000 and personnel file data.

Funded/Unfunded Students:  On 9/28/2009 we added a group called Funded to help you differentiate between funded and unfunded students in Blackboard Connect at your school.  In SB2000, unfunded students are those attending your school for additional classes above and beyond their schedule at their home school.  The Blackboard Connect Funded group works independently of the Enrolled and Incoming groups.  Funded and unfunded students are also in the Enrolled group.  We have added the Funded group so you have a way to identify them within Blackboard Connect if you choose to exclude the unfunded students from some calls. Only use the Funded group when you want to exclude the unfunded students from your call.  Click here to learn more about unfunded students.

Detailed HBUHSD guidelines for populating the six student contact numbers in Blackboard Connect

Current user accounts...
Email groups have been created with these names. Principals, please submit account changes or additions to the Director of Information Services at #50 x4101.   DO NOT SHARE ACCOUNTS!  The status report is sent to the callers email account.

After login, use the Account Info link to update your profile, including your "subscriptions".

DEC:    Greg Plutko, Don Austin, Connie Mayhugh, Janie Hoy, Michael Folsom, selected I. S. staff
EHS:    D'Liese Melendrez,  Rod Raschke, Louise Raya
FVHS: Chris Herzfeld, Kirk Kennedy
HBHS: Jason Ross
MHS:   Paul Morrow, Marc Trocchio, Kevin Fairman
OVHS: Dan Bryan, Marilyn Palomino, James Parker, Robert Tapia   
             OVHS Summer Schl: Marilyn Palomino
WHS:  Owen Crosby, Newell Williams, Jessica Kwek
            WHS Summer Schl:            
VVHS: Kerry Clitheroe
CDS:   Steve Curiel, Dennis Herzog
CHS:   Steve Curiel, Kathleen Lommen
HBAS: Steve Curiel


Suppressing calls...

Currently, there is no way to suppress community outreach or emergency calls in Blackboard Connect, nor do we want to.  The Autocaller field found in SB2000 can be set to "NO" to suppress attendance calls in the PhoneMaster system. This is a method we have used for years when parents want those attendance calls stopped.  The Autocaller fields may be expanded in the future to control the suppression of Blackboard Connect calls but it is not needed yet since we are not making attendance calls via Blackboard Connect and we do not want to suppress community outreach or emergency calls.
Contact selection... Contacts can be selected based on combinations of the following criteria:

Type: Student, Admin, Faculty, Staff
Language: English, Spanish Vietnamese (only applies to students)
Gender: Male, Female
Grade: 8-12
Site: School Location
Group: Certificated, Classified, Incoming, Enrolled

Special numbers...

In SB2000, students with families who do not own telephones are given the HOME phone number 555.555.5555 instead of leaving the phone number field blank.  This way, they won't constantly be asked by school staff to supply a phone number.  The all fives number in SB2000 is converted to 999.999.9999 when sent to Blackboard Connect.  In the Blackboard Connect system, all nines is a special number used to indicate calls should NOT be made to that number. 

Blank or incomplete HOME phone numbers in SB2000 will be converted to 555.555.5555 when sent to Blackboard Connect.  In the Blackboard Connect system, all fives is a special number that indicates a bad number and they will be placed on the Bad Numbers report which should prompt school staff to try to acquire a good number for the student and enter it into SB2000.

Secondary Contacts...

A change was made to the Contacts section of SB2000 expanding the list of  descriptions for telephone numbers being entered into SB2000. This change was the first of several needed to support the use of Blackboard Connect.  More information will be forthcoming about those changes but for now, those of you who enter Secondary Contacts * are immediately affected.  If you want the person who is earmarked as a Secondary Contact to receive Blackboard Connect non-emergency calls, you must mark the appropriate phone number as "Secondary".
Please keep in mind that Blackboard Connect can NOT call an extension; it can only deliver the message to the primary number of the business.

Pop-up Blockers:  Make sure your browser will allow pop-ups for the Blackboard Connect web site.

Email addresses are not being passed to Blackboard Connect at this time. HBUHSD chooses not to use this function since their is no feedback provided when email messages are sent.

HBUHSD is not using the texting option in Blackboard Connect due to the extra charges involved to the recipient. We also have no way of knowing which phones are capable of receiving text messages.

When added to SB2000, incoming students will also be added to Blackboard Connect as part of the nightly update.  Special handling is needed when incoming students are there.  Read this warning! 

* The link to Secondary Contacts is only accessible to administrative computers within the HBUHSD.


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