EIS (Employee Information System) at the OCDE

Posted 9/13/2007 

Please contact our Payroll Supervisor via email if you have any questions about the EIS process. The HBUHSD Payroll Supervisor is the one who can help you with your EIS password/logon problems. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7 or higher installed on your computer to print your pay stub.

[Revised 12/5/2013]

We have a new and improved EIS log in. The website address is available now. The Old link will be will still be live until 12/31/13. Please note that the instructions have been emailed to all employees and are not available on this portal.

Old OCDE login: https://eis.ocde.us/
NEW OCDE login: https://employee.ocde.us/

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