Posted 6/16/2009

The next phase of the power savings program distribution mentioned in the May 20 bulletin is to make it available to all school sites.   Monitors on affected computers will go into standby mode after 10 minutes of idleness.  A simple movement of your mouse will quickly reactivate your monitor from standby mode.  The program should install automatically and discretely for all Windows users when they log into their local networks.   Although some savings will be realized with this new program, the most savings will occur if you manually shutdown your whole computer and turn off the monitor when you leave for the evening.

Upon the next network login, Windows computers at all locations will receive the PowerPro module with the exception of computers with DeepFreeze software and laptops.  A roll-out strategy is still being developed for DeepFreeze computers.  Laptops will be permanently excluded to give laptop users complete control over their power-saving settings.  They should already be familiar with optimizing their power settings to extend the life of their batteries.

The district will benefit from lower electrical costs. The user will benefit from longer equipment life.  The environment will benefit from reduced affects of energy production.   Your cooperation with this endeavor is appreciated.

This is the only free electricity... most of us have to pay for it!

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