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Principal's Message
Jim Staunton

Huntington Beach High School, a California Distinguished School, is considered to be the "flagship" school of the Huntington Beach Union High School District. Many HBHS students have parents and grandparents who are graduates of HBHS, as are many of the staff. The culture of our school is composed of the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that are of paramount importance to our school and characterize it to our staff, students, parents and community.

The mission of HBHS, with the support of our community, is to educate students in a safe and nurturing environment, through a challenging, relevant program that stimulates life-long learning, problem solving, self esteem, and personal responsibility resulting in healthy, productive, creative individuals.

School Profile

Established in 1906, Huntington Beach High School is located at 1905 Main Street, H.B. 92648 and is one of six comprehensive high schools in the Huntington Beach Union High School District. The size and services of the school are adequate for the relatively stable enrollment of approximately 2,225 students in grades 9-12.

HBHS is easily recognized by two registered historical landmarks: the Bell Tower (The "Spirit of Huntington High") and the District Auditorium. HBHS also has one of the largest stadiums in the city.


Huntington Beach High School received a total of $479,369 in special funds for the following supplementary educational programs for 1997/98:

Gifted and Talented Education
Tenth Grade Guidance
Special Education
School Improvement Program
Vocational Education
Limited English Proficient

The Huntington Beach Union High School District spent an average of $6,145 per student for all services, including categorical projects.

Salary and Budget Information

Salary Category   State Average
(1996-97) HBUHSD Average HS Districts >4000 ADA
Beginning $29,479 $27,851
Mid-range 50,396 42,698
Highest 59,732 54,010
Principals 77,441 75,056
Superintendent 105,978 100,085

Total Budget Percent for Salaries

Teacher 41.02% 40.21%
Administrator 4.55% 5.01%

Quality and Currency of Textbooks and Materials

Instructional materials used in district schools are current and of high quality. Before textbooks are purchased, they are thoroughly evaluated by teachers, administrators and curriculum specialists, made available for review by the community and approved by the Board of Trustees. Texts are replaced on a regular schedule, assuring that students use current and timely instructional materials. The effective use of instructional technology is also emphasized, with computer assisted instruction in the academic, business and technological programs.

Certificated Staff (In Addition to Guidance Related Staff)

Assistant Principal (Instruction)
Media Specialist (Half-time)
Nurse (Half-time)

Guidance, Counseling and Support Services Staff

Assistant Principal (Guidance)
Vice Principals (Attendance and Supervision)
Guidance Psychologists (1.5 positions)

Guidance Specialists (Classes/progress)
College/Career Specialist (Colleges/scholarships)
Registrar (Grades/transcripts/records)
Coastline ROP Career Specialist

Computerized Guidance Support

Student records
Student class schedule

Attendance reporting
Progress reports
Student transcript; Grade point averages
Candidacy for Academic Recognition
Master schedule/Class rosters
Mandated report to state (CBEDS)

Minimum Day

Schools in the Huntington Beach Union High School District use one minimum day per year for Back-to-School Night.

Dropout Rate

Dropout rates at HBHS have continued to remain low since the district initiated an intensive dropout recovery project in 1986 along with dropout prevention activities. The one-year dropout rate in 1996-97 was 1.8%.

Class Size

The ratio of students to teachers in the regular school program at HBHS is 31.8 to 1. Depending on the number of classes each student attends, the average class size is about 36 to 1.

Curriculum Improvement/Teacher and Staff Training

The HBUHSD is recognized statewide for the quality of its curriculum which is developed and continually updated by teachers in coordination with a staff of curriculum specialists who are experts in their fields. The resulting curriculum reflects State Frameworks, teacher recommendations, community needs, and the needs of all students as they pursue post-secondary goals.

Outstanding teachers are chosen to be mentors in all major subject areas. Mentors work with both individual teachers and subject area specialists to present staff inservice training in the most effective ways to teach the curriculum.

In addition to on campus activities which are attended by all instructional staff, the majority of HBHS teachers participate in off campus training programs or workshops. The HBUHSD also promotes staff development through partnerships with UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach, the community colleges and a teacher training consortium in Huntington Beach. The emphasis is on all students graduating with a solid core of knowledge that will assist them in reaching their greatest potential and becoming responsible citizens.

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Improvement

Teachers submit an annual Individual Performance Plan for approval which encompasses instructional classroom management and professional growth. Monitoring classroom instruction is a primary responsibility of the administrative team.

The Clinical Supervision model for teacher evaluation is used which includes the administrator and teacher working together in planning and approving goals and objectives.

Each administrator is expected to be certified in Clinical Supervision and be familiar with California State Frameworks and the Model Curriculum Standards.

Professional staff improvement activities are conducted for all staff members throughout the year to ensure effective instructional techniques/strategies are being implemented. There are five annual staff development days.

Teaching Assignments in Area of Competence

All HBHS teachers hold valid California teaching credentials and are teaching in their major field, minor field, or a field they are mastering through graduate work at a local college or university. Huntington Beach High School employs 83 classroom teachers with 62 percent of our teaching staff holding master's or doctoral degrees in addition to their bachelor's degrees.

Availability of Qualified Subs

If a teacher is absent from the classroom, the district selects the best substitute teacher from a screened pool of 220 teachers to substitute teach until the absent teacher returns.

Quality of School Instruction and Leadership

HBHS provides a setting for high academic standards and expectations. It is the philosophy of HBHS that all students shall have equal access to the academic core following California State Department Model Curriculum Standards. The staff utilizes a number of effective student instructional strategies including direct instruction, cooperative learning, team teaching and inquiry. Curriculum review is ongoing by the various departments. Success is measured by a variety of criteria.

Classroom Discipline and Climate for Learning

Many factors contribute to the positive and productive climate at HBHS including the establishment of schoolwide standards and expectations for student behavior. Both school and classroom standards are updated yearly via a discipline committee and are perceived by most students, staff, and parents to be fair and equitably enforced. The clear and concise standards are sent home in writing by teachers for parent review. Rules of conduct are covered in student orientations, classrooms, the student handbook, and posted throughout the school.

Last year the average number of suspensions and expulsions per school in the HBUHSD was 180 and 4 respectively.

Student Ethnicity - October 1998


American Indian 6.5%
Asian 8.3%
Pacific Islander 0.6%
Filipino 1.1%
Hispanic 14.4%
Black 1.3%
White 67.8%

Safety, Cleanliness and Adequacy at Facilities

Student surveys indicate that students view HBHS as a pleasant, clean, safe, attractive, well equipped school with clear expectations. The current enrollment of approximately 2,225 is below capacity and allows for some creative use of available space including the addition of some district support service. Each department has an office area and most teachers continue to have their own classroom.

In addition to the stadium and auditorium, HBHS offers its students a number of unique facilities. Computer labs allow access to classes for simulations, writing, reading and math development, word processing and applications. The fully equipped teleproduction facility includes non-linear video editing, studio and field production, internet content development, and the distribution of original video programming on school cable and Time-Warner cable. High grade athletic facilities (gym, weight room, wrestling room) are available for a full compliment of sports and physical education activities.

Star Program - March 1998
Stanford Test of Academic Skills
Percentile Scores
  Gr. 9 Gr. 10 Gr. 11
Reading 45 48 51
Math 61 65 63
Lang. Arts 60 53 56
Science 57 59 62
Social Science 49 50 67

College Admission Exams, Class of 1998

American College Test (ACT)
14% of HBHS Graduates Assessed

  Eng. Math Rdg. Sci. Avg.
HBHS 21.2 23.7 22.4 22.0 22.5
HBUHSD 20.9 23.3 22.4 22.0 22.3
State 20.2 21.8 21.3 20.8 21.2
Nation 20.4 20.8 21.4 21.1 21.0

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
45% of HBHS Graduates Assessed

    Verbal Math Total  
HBHS   526 557 1083  
HBUHSD   515 552 1067  
State   497 516 1013  
Nation   505 512 1017  

Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

Students in grades 10-12 and enrolled in college level Advanced Placement courses in high school take exams in May. Students earning an AP score of 3, 4 or 5 may be granted college credit and/or advanced placement in college coursework upon admission to a college or university. Advanced Placement scores range from 1 (low) to 5 (high). In May 1998, HBHS students earned 204 AP scores of 3, 4 or 5.  The following AP courses were offered:

Biology Economics
Chemistry U.S. History
Physics European History
Calculus U.S. Government
Eng. - Lit./Comp. Spanish - Language
Studio Art Spanish - Literature
Music Theory French - Language

Golden State Exam (GSE)

HBHS students participated in the January and May 1998 Golden State Exam subject areas of Algebra Geometry, High School Mathematics, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Written Composition or Reading/Literature.

Students who achieve recognition at one of the Golden State Exam honors levels are awarded a special designation on their transcript, a GSE certificate and a special seal for his or her high school diploma. All students participating in the GSE receive an individualized evaluation of performance in the subject area.

Of the HBHS students achieving recognition, 16% received High Honors, 28% received Honors, and 56% received School Recognition.

The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma was introduced in spring, 1997. To qualify, a student must attain high honors, honors, or school recognition achievement levels in at least six exams, including written composition or reading/literature, history, algebra or geometry or high school mathematics, biology or chemistry or integrated (coordinated) science 2, plus two additional exams of the student's choice. Three class of '98 HBHS students received this diploma.

Community and Campus Involvement, Incentives

Over 750 parent volunteers each year
Parent Booster groups
HBHS newsletters sent to homes
Liaisons to various business and community agencies including:
Community Mental Health Services
Community Services Projects
Various local booster clubs
Local service clubs/organizations
Coastline Regional Occupation Program
West O.C. Special Education Consortium
Recognition for perfect attendance
Specialized Training/Talent Recognition (STAR)
Academy for the Performing Arts
Academic Recognition Program
Scholar with Distinction
Scholar with Honors
Scholar with Expertise
Community college 2+2+2 Program
Advanced Placement Exams
AP International Diploma
Career Center scholarship file
Model United Nations Program
Academic Decathlon
$2,165,247 in scholarships/awards, Class of 1998
Tower Awards; Senior Awards Assembly
Students of the month
Principal's Honor Roll
California Scholarship Federation
Regional and national competitions
Golden State Exams
Golden State Seal Merit Diploma
Presidential Academic Fitness Awards
Athletes of the Year
Co-curricular options:
Pepsters, Flag & Banner, Drill Team
Student Government/Leadership
Student Clubs/Activities
Performing Arts (theater, band, vocal)
Television Productions
"Planning Guide for Students and Parents"
Documents available for inspection:
HBUHSD Summary of Research/Evaluation
Senior Survey
Accreditation report (WASC)
Program Quality Review
HBUHSD Course Curriculum guidelines
Specially funded project proposals