This is the portal page to online attendance, grading and much more using SB2000 Classroom, the teacher web interface to our SB2000 student information system.  Check this page daily for system change notices. Information at this page and its links are meant to be viewed by HBUHSD staff only.

2012-2013 Year
and EYP for Summer 2012


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2012-2013 Year
and EYP for Summer 2012


Choose the other server if this
one appears to be down.


The training database is back online with data as of  8/26/2012. Please note that your files in the File Manager section are shared by both the live and training databases.  In other words, there is no training version of the File Manager files. Also, the online grade entry window timeframes may be different for testing purposes. The 1st semester online grade entry window is now open in the training data.

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06/15/2012  11:55 AM: For Summer 2012 Extended Year Program (EYP) login, don't forget to pick the proper site and schedule!

Please review past notices below you may have missed...






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Past notices...

03/30/2012  7:35 AM: Don't forget to use the Marks Errors Task when you think you've entered all your grades. It's just two clicks away! It will show you the ones still missing.  Questions?  Contact the Help Desk at #52 or send us an email at

If you find out you still have grades to enter into SB2000 Classroom you can also enter them manually via the Online Grade Marks Entry process.

03/01/2012  12:12 PM: Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups to use the new Textbook and Library Fines feature mentioned below, as well as the new Entry Form button on the Class Marks screen used in Online Grade Marks Entry.

02/28/2012  8:06 PM: Grade scanner forms will no longer be provided beginning with the 4.5 week grading period ending 2/29/2012.  As of 2/29/2012, grades must be entered in one of the following three ways:

1)  Online Grade Marks Entry  2)  Import EGP Marks to SB2000 Task  3) Post Gradebook Grades

Also, a new feature has been added to SB2000 Classroom which allows teachers to view student status in regard to library and textbook checkouts stored in the Follett Destiny checkout system.  Teachers can see which books are checked out and if the student owes any fines.  How this information will be used is up to each school.  The schools requested the ability to have more eyes on the checkout data to help reduce losses. 
3/1/2012 note: Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups for this feature to work.

  The info displayed above can be accessed via the Student/My Students top menu item.

02/02/2012  2:15 PM: Due to the 2nd semester retirement of grade scanner sheets, the Grade Form print flags have been blanked out for all 2nd semester classes.  They will no longer be set on when a new section is added to the master schedule.

01/16/2012 12:15 PM: Grade scanner forms will no longer be provided beginning with the 4.5 week grading period for 2nd semester 2011-12. Starting with the 2nd semester, grades must be entered in one of the following three ways:

1)  Online Grade Marks Entry  2)  Import EGP Marks to SB2000 Task  3) Post Gradebook Grades

10/02/2011 9:08 PM: Attention Easy Grade Pro Users!  If you imported your EGP grades into SB2000 Classroom on Friday before 6PM, please double check that they posted in the SB2000 Classroom Class Marks area.  To check the grade posting, simply click on the SEM 1 - 4.5 Week link on your SB2000 Classroom home page (see figure below). If they are not there, simply run the Import EGP Marks to SB2000 Task again.

Since many of you are using the new version of EGP it would be a very good idea for all EGP users to perform this check that their grades posted after the import.  Please call #52 or contact if you have any problems.

09/30/2011 9:40 AM: The 4.5 week online grade entry window is now open.   For those using the new Gradebook feature in SB2000 Classroom, here's how to post your progress grades from the SB2000 Classroom Gradebook into the 4.5 week marks area in SB2000 for them to be included on the student progress report mailers.   How to Post Gradebook Grades.   If you are having issues with the new Gradebook feature you may contact us for help at

9/23/2011 12:25 PM: The Scantron bubble sheets will be printed for the 4 1/2 week progress reports around 9/27 so please be sure to uncheck your Grade Form flags before then if you don't need them.  The flags are set to on whenever a section is added so at the beginning of the year they are on for everyone.  Turn them off if you enter grades online, via Easy Grade Pro or plan to use the new Gradebook in SB2000 Classroom.

9/18/2011 4:30 PM: Teachers can control the departments in which their names appear in the school's staff directory.  Click here for details...

9/12/2011 3:40 PM: The Scantron bubble sheets will be printed for the 4 1/2 week progress reports around 9/27 so please be sure to uncheck your Grade Form flags before then if you don't need them.  The flags are set to on whenever a section is added so at the beginning of the year they are on for everyone.  Turn them off if you enter grades online, via Easy Grade Pro or plan to use the new Gradebook in SB2000 Classroom.

9/7/2011 3:20 PM: The problem with the speed of File Manager in SB2000 Classroom has been resolved.

9/2/2011 5:00 PM: First off, have a great three day weekend and thanks for your patience this week! 

As of 3 PM today, progress grades can be uploaded from Easy Grade Pro and are viewable in the portal now. Also viewable, are progress grades from the new SB2000 Gradebook feature.   If you see problems please report them to

We are aware the File Manager function is too slow at times in SB2000 Classroom and we're working on a solution to that. It's our top priority now.  It seems the Microsoft IIS v7 software on the SB2000 Classroom server has a bug that needs squashing.  The File Manager using IIS v6 software on the Parent/Student Portal is running fine.  In a nutshell, the newer version of the IIS software we upgraded to over the summer has a flaw in it.  Thanks, Microsoft!

Before you MAC users start scoffing at Bill Gates (take a number), many of you upgraded to the new MAC OS Lion over the summer.  You've probably found out that the current version of Easy Grade Pro does not work with Lion.  Surprise!  Just today the district has purchased new site licenses for Easy Grade Pro 4.1 for all schools.  Our Ed Tech Coordinator, Chris Long,  will handle the distribution of these licenses.  He's already tested it at MHS and it does work with Lion and no changes were required to get it to work with SB2000 Classroom and the Parent/Student Portal.

8/30/2011 10:15 AM: A new feature has been added to the attendance taking screen to assist those with large screens and/or small screen resolution.  When you click on absent, tardy or present, the line will immediately turn pink to allow your eye to better follow that selection back to the student name.

8/30/2011 6:00 AM: Here's a Gradebook Configuration Worksheet to use with the new gradebook feature in SB2000 Classroom.  PDF version   Word version

8/29/2011 9:46 AM: Having problem's logging into SB2000 Classroom?  We can't give passwords out via email; contact your local liaisons for that.  However, if you have your password and staff ID and still have problems, please  contact

7/28/2011 1:25 PM: The 2011-12 schedule is now available in SB2000 Classroom but a cookie file issue is presenting a problem for some people.  For those with the problem, a server error is displayed instead of the login screen. Your browser's cookie files need to be deleted to bypass this error.  This is a one time fix for each user with the problem until we get the program fixed to eliminate it altogether.  Need help deleting your cookie files?

6/6/2011 2:40 PM: Click here for some more info about the new version installed this weekend. 

6/5/2011 11:50 PM: The additional Schedule selection has been added to the login screen in preparation for the use of SB2000 Classroom during summer programs.

5/24/2011 7:45 AM:  The idle timeout factor has been changed from 15 minutes to 2 hours due to the linking between SB2000 Classroom and the Parent/Student Portal and in anticipation of the link to the upcoming gradebook features.  If you leave your computer and students are nearby, please be sure to log off SB2000 Classroom

5/15/2011 2:15 PM:  SB2000 Classroom will be available for use this summer for the Extended Year Program (summer school). When logging in, you'll be given a choice of which schedule you'd like to use.  You'll be able to select from Spring 2011, Summer 2011 and eventually Fall 2011.  Teacher profiles, subpages  and file manager data are common to all schedules.

4/1/2011 11:30 AM:  SB2000 Classroom was unavailable this morning due to a database problem.  It has now been corrected.  Please call #52 if you experience any difficulties logging in to SB2000 Classroom.

3/11/2011 5:15 PM:  The Internet bandwidth upgrade was successful.

3/10/2011 09:45 AM:  The network hardware upgrade was successful this morning so we will proceed with the final phase of the upgrade on Friday. Internet access will be unavailable from 4 PM to 5 PM on Friday, March 11.

3/7/2011 02:55 PM:  Internet access will be down between 4 AM and 6 AM on Thursday, March 10th, while we install a new router and PIX firewall needed prior to April's bandwidth increase.  If all goes according to plan our Internet bandwidth will be changed from 100 mbps to 300 mbps on or around April 4th.

2/7/2011 9:55 AM:  The training database is back online. Please refer to the Training Data link at the top of this page.

2/4/2011 10:25 AM:  Here's a reminder about the Marks Error Task that every teacher could run after  entering grades for a reporting period.  If you use grade scanners then you need to allow time for them to be processed at the district office, so wait until after midnight on Monday, Feb. 7th* for the 1st semester run. *Originally posted as Feb. 4th but we forgot that Registrars keep they for a day checking for errors.

Also, the issue mentioned in the news item below has been fixed.

1/31/2011 1:30 PM:  A display refresh oddity has surfaced during the transition between semesters. It may appear your assignments have disappeared but they have not.  When you go the Assignments page in SB2000 Classroom it shows nothing for the date of 2/1 in the current sections.  This is probably true at this point,  however, when you change the semester, from current home pages sections to Fall Semester, the section list refreshes to “Fall Semester” sections and defaults to the first in the list.  This is fine also, however, it does not display any of the assignments for that section until you either press the Assignments Tab or select another section.  We're working on getting the program fixed to eliminate this refresh problem.

12/9/2010 1:00 PM:  The Preview button at the top of your Staff Events editing page will now display the calendar as the user will view it; in monthly mode.  The Default Marking Period value in your Options is now tied to the Class/Marks menu item. 

10/31/2010 5:35 PM:  Click here for a Conversion Update and here for important information for the new Staff Directory structure.

10/30/2010 2:30 PM:  The attendance screen now has a Printer Friendly option.  This was requested by PE teachers who need to print the page so they can take attendance away from the computer.   We will be adding printer friendly pages to more screen as soon as we can.

10/26/2010 10:35 AM:  The Preview button you see when editing your Staff Profile will now open a new browser window and take you to your actual profile page for a fully functioning preview. 

10/24/2010 3:40 PM:  Here's a housekeeping task we need all teachers to perform once.
              Updated 10/25/2010: The Default Class List View option was retired in version 2.

10/20/2010 6:05 PM:  To clarify the status report that went out Monday...
It is NOT necessary for teachers to switch to the FireFox browser right away; however, MAC users will benefit by making that move eventually.  IE is still the preferred browser for Windows users.
It is NOT necessary to get the new version of EGP right away; however, your progress results will look better on the Parent/Student Portal after switching to the newer version.
It IS necessary for Easy Grade Pro users to import their progress grades again after last weekend's fixes. You can use the last XML file you created from EGP so this will only take a few minutes and make your progress grades  available once again in the portal for students and parents to view.  Again, parents and students are waiting for you to refresh your progress grades via the new SB2000 Classroom Import EGP GradeBook XML task, using the last XML file you created.  If you've already done that sometime after Sunday night then you are good to go.

Please review this detailed status report.  < This is a revised version of the email you may have received on 10/18.

10/18/2010 8:37 AM:  Significant changes were made this weekend to the new systems to address user concerns. Please review this detailed status report.   If you use Easy Grade Pro, please reload your progress grades as soon as you can after reviewing the status report.

10/10/2010 9:45 PM:  The ECS conversion has been completed. More details here! Due to the weekend conversion to the new system, the training database is unavailable.  Oct 11 and 12 training in the use of profile updating and EGP export should make use of the live systems.

9/24/2010 12:35 PM:  The Possible Non-Reported Absences feature was turned on today for the first time this school year.  It will inquire about potential absences that occur after 9/17/2010.

9/16/2010 12:10 PM:  All teachers needs to review and update their Grade Form control flag settings in SB2000 Classroom before September 29 when we will print the 4.5 week grade scanner sheets for those who want them. 

We will print a scanner sheet for you if there is a check in the checkbox for that section.  If you make changes to the checkboxes you must click the Update Forms button below them to save the changes. 

The default setting for Grade Form control flags is checked when new sections are added to the master schedule.  All sections are new at the beginning of the school year are new. The flag's status is stored in the section record of the master schedule, not the teacher staff record.

8/26/2010 8:15 AM:  The schedule data in the Test/Training system has been updated to match the 2010-2011 school year as of yesterday.  The ECS data in that system was wiped out as part of that update process but will be restored by noon today.  Later today or early tomorrow we will switch the Parent/Student Portal over to the 2010-2011 schedule.

8/25/2010 11:35 AM:  SB2000 Classroom's live data links have been changed from last year's data to 2010-2011.  The same version of SB20000 Classroom that we used last year will be used to start this new year.  The Test/Training system's data will be changed shortly to show the same data you see in the live data system so that new teachers can be trained using it.  The test system will still be using the new version of SB2000 Classroom so we can continue with that project.  As far as new teachers go, the attendance functions and online grading functions in the two versions are identical so training them how to take attendance in v3.5 should not be an issue.  Of, course they need to use the live system after training is complete.  Get staff ID's for new teachers from local liaisons.  Version 3.5 is still scheduled to go live later this fall.

6/30/2010 1:55 PM:  SB2000 Classroom is ready for summer use.  Log into the school where the classes are held.  If you have login problems, please contact the Info Services HelpDesk at 903.7000 x7420.

Spring semester 2009-2010 is no longer available.  We don't use the Parent/Student Portal with summer sessions.

6/24/2010 3:10 PM:  Until we get SB2000 Classroom ready for summer use, you may send an email request to for EasyGrade Pro roster downloads.  Just tell us your name and school and we'll figure out the rest and email you the files.

6/22/2010 7:55 AM:  We're not quite ready for accessing summer school with SB2000 Classroom at this point so please use the scanner sheets provided for attendance.  We should have the necessary changes we need made completed by next week. 

6/16/2010 9:35 PM:  We're ready to have teachers test the new version of SB2000. Click here for details.

6/9/2010 3:35 PM:  The 2nd semester final online grade entry window has been opened so that some may begin to process senior grades.

5/27/2010 8:50 AM:  2nd semester final grade scanner sheets will be printed around June 8th so please make sure your Grade Form flags are set the way you want them.

3/5/2010 3:55 PM:  If you have no grades to enter for a section for the 4.5 or 12 week grading periods you can display them online anyway and click the Save Grade Marks button to take the section off the registrar’s list of sections needing grades.  They use that list to remind teachers to submit their grades before the deadline.  A progress report will not be generated for the student during these grading periods unless a meaningful mark has been made, such as a grade or comment.  If you use grade scanner sheets, submit the unbubbled ones to be removed from that list.

2/9/2010 3:55 PM:  Internet access went down for FVHS and OVHS around 3:30 PM today, 30 minutes before the scheduled online grade entry window closure. Therefore, we will keep the grade entry window open for all schools until 4PM, Wednesday, Feb 10.

1/19/2010 10:10 AM:  Grade scanner bubble sheets will be printed on the evening Jan 26, 2010, for the 1st semester grading period so please make sure your Grade Form control flags are set properly for each 1st semester and 2nd quarter section before 4PM on Jan 26.  More information can be found at this Grade Form control flags link.  Jan 29th is the last day of the semester.

11/20/2009 12:55 PM:  We have added a truancy count column in the Class List display next to the absence and tardy counts.  The truancy count tells you how many of the student's absences are truancies.  Click on the section number in the Class List column on your Home page to display the list for that section.

11/18/2009 2:45 PM:  12 week grade scanner sheets will be printed at 4PM on Thursday, Nov 19.  However, from now on we will only print them for teachers who want them.  Your choice.  You have a chance to save a tree now by suppressing these sheets if you don't need them.  When you log into SB2000 Classroom you will notice the Grade Form column on the right side of the screen. If there is a check mark in the box for a section, we will print a grade scanner sheet for that section.  To change the setting, click in the box to turn the check on or off and then be sure to click on the Update Forms button at the bottom of that column to save any changes you make.  You have until 4PM Thursday to make sure your settings are the way you want them.  No check, no form. 

If you are submitting grades online, remember that once you click the Save Grade Marks button for a section in the Class Marks area, the system will reject any scanner sheets for that section from that point on for that particular grading period. This feature will prevent the inadvertent erasure of grades entered online by turning in un-bubbled scanner sheets.

11/4/2009 11:30 AM:
 Education Foundation for Orange County grant opportunity.

11/2/2009 11:12 AM:
We had database difficulties between 10:30 and 11:00 this morning and the database needed to be restarted around 11 AM.  This was the cause of the server error you may have experienced while attempting to post absences.

10/20/2009 11:05 AM: New teachers may want to review our Information Technology Overview.

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